Our Goal...

Our mission here at Helping Pawz is to help injured, homeless, and needy animals. They really need your help.  So are you ready to help these hurt animals?  All they need is a little bit of care from you. So, do what you need to do.  Help these poor and homeless animals.  Meet the animals who have their own story and actually got adopted.

Cat the dog was born with deformed ears but an adorable face. She was abandoned in Thailand, but soon taken to a shelter in Berkeley and adopted right after from a loving family. This cutie loves squirrels, roast chicken, and belly rubs.

Hope the kitty is an adorable feline friend who has a hind leg problem, but she is a great companion who enjoys people and children. She loves spoons, yarn, and trees.

Squirt was a tortoise who longed for a friend. He lived in a local pet store for 5 years, until one of the store keepers decided to adopt this adorable child. She brought it home, and found out she loves tomatoes, thumbs, and pooping.

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